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You can count on the security of Southwinds, Inc products.  Southwinds, Inc rolling shutters provide your home with PROTECTION, SECURITY and SAVINGS.  Reliable and user-friendly, a simple touch of a button opens and closes your shutters to control the comfort and security of your home. . At Southwinds, Inc. we provide Condo Hurricane Doors and shutters/windows with your life and your needs in mind.

Condo Hurricane Shutters

Southwinds, Inc offers a wide variety of hurricane-approved window covers. Our hurricane shutters are tested and approved under the most demanding hurricane rating codes and are designed to meet a number of specific needs. When the winds blow, our storm shutters will protect your windows, your possessions, your family and your budget.

At Southwinds, Inc, we specialize in helping homeowners, contractors and architects protect properties while preserving and enhancing aesthetics. We’ve been in the business for years and have built our reputation one window at a time. Our diverse product line includes rolling shutters, bottom up shaped shutters, accordion shutters. Every product we offer begins with the highest quality products, carefully manufactured to ensure performance.

When it comes to storm protection, our hurricane roller shutter designs offer the most versatile protection. These shutters are multipurpose so our customers can count on getting value and plenty of use from their purchases, as well. Not only do our hurricane shutters provide protection from storms, but they can also deter burglars and help you conserve energy. When our roller shutters are properly in place, they provide a solid barrier between your home and its valuables and would-be burglars. The barrier also works to help shade a home and protect it from temperatures that are really high or low. Plywood just can’t do that!

1) Southwinds, Inc  rolling shutters have been successfully tested to resist hurricane wind loads of up to 150 mph.

2) Push button control with a Somfy RTS hand-held transmitter or Decora RTS wall switch will deploy your shutters in seconds.

3) When closed, the shutters create a physical barrier from high winds and intruders.  With Somfy’s Chronis RTS timer you can automatically open and close your rolling shutters based on a pre-set time of day or randomly to give the impression of an occupied home.

4) Laboratory tests performed on Southwinds, Inc  polyurethane rolling shutters indicate a reduction in noise and thermal insulation, resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs and noise pollution.

5) Installing Southwinds, Inc  rolling shutters satisfy the latest safety and building code standards hurricane protection and in turn may be eligible to receive a discount from your insurance company.

6) Southwinds, Inc  motorized rolling shutters not only protect your family and homefrom hurricanes and threatening weather but also protect your furnishings from fading and damage caused by harmful UV rays.

7) Southwinds, Inc rolling shutters and Somfy RTS motors make it convenient for you to open and close your rolling shutters with a variety of control options, such as hand-held transmitters, wireless wall switches and timers.

8) Automated rolling shutters are dependable and can even be operated manually if a power failure occurs.

9) With the simple touch of a button you can control the comfort and security of your home.

10) Southwinds, Inc  manufacturers’ offer the highest quality rolling shutters which are custom made to your specifications, with scratch and corrosive resistant powder coating in colors that coordinate with your home


Southwinds, Inc. is a specialty division of Duckworth & Duckworth Contracting, Inc., a South Florida based company established in 1985. Southwinds, Inc. was formed as an elite high-end impact window & Condo Hurricane Doors distributor to service sales and installations primarily in the coastal condo market and secondarily, the single- family residential market. Call us today at (561) 202-9900 to learn more.

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